Singer, Songwriter,
Producer and Engineer

Named after Paul McCartney I had no choice but to live a life of music. 

          Raised in the 80's, I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a diverse amount of music growing up, from The Police and Genesis to Lovin' Spoonful and The Mamas & Papas. I can still remember my mother singing harmony as she played through cassette tape after cassette tape of nearly every Beatles record. A chorus singer up until she graduated from a small college in Wisconsin- her passion became mine. You can find little hearts and circles scratched clumsily in pen on the vinyl records she passed down to me from her own childhood. Consequently, it would have been a sin not to at least pursue a career in the arts, if just for her.

          Having parents who nurtured and supported my love for the arts, I started early, from middle school choirs to high school show choir and local musicals. As a sophomore in high school, I took part in the local “Channel 8 Rising Stars” competition just outside of Richmond, VA and was a runner-up out of several hundred finalists. I finally knew I could be good. Following the rage of the time, I was briefly in a boy band called Up Close and a 50's a capella group called The Chorduroys, but when I graduated high school in Midlothian, Virginia I knew I needed to leave home to hone my craft.

          The four years in Coral Gables at the University of Miami were the best in my life, and the Frost School of Music was no slouch. That's where I met a fantastic professor by the name of David Ganon, who taught “Songwriting 101” and opened up my world. While I had written vague and jumbled excuses for songs before I never truly had a format, nor did I have anyone to listen to and critique them. Professor Ganon gave me just that- cultivating my ear and my pen. Suddenly the more I listened to music the more I understood what I liked or didn't like- and why. At that moment, I knew I would write my own songs...

          After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Music I moved to Los Angeles and did the acting thing. Because that's what you do, right? Eventually, I settled back into my first love-music. Starting at open mics, I quickly found myself with a full band behind me at places like Room 5 and The Viper Room. In 2010, I released a solo EP called "Secure Heart Borders" that I am extremely proud of, and from there I had the pleasure of being a part of several different musical outlets. I performed as a duo with my best friend in the comedy rock band Paul & The Kir, releasing the full album “Take over the Universe” and then in a folk group called Love Letters, where we debuted a self titled EP in 2014. 

          At the moment, I am making music any and every way I can. My current folk duo The Fair Wells has released it's own EP titled "Hurricane", and recently played a packed show at the illustrious Hotel Cafe. We're excited to be recording new music very soon, so stay tuned! I also often perform at private parties with another musical theatre-bred singer, Janelle DeJohn and regularly team up with film-makers/composers to aid their projects with my musical talents. Some Wednesdays you can even find me on the 3rdStreet Promenade in Santa Monica busking my butt off- so come and say hi! If there is one thing I've realized after all these years of making music, it's that I simply love performing it. Music is my soul food. Thank you for letting me share it with you...